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NJ Weed Man Story
About Us:


I'm Doobage Dave from Roll1Up, Inc. 

A close friend of mine and I started this site because we love to smoke and learn about weed... and we are from New Jersey.

Like many other people around the world, we know that marijuana is safe, natural, and serves a unique purpose whether it's used for medicinal or recreational reasons. New Jersey is where we were born, raised, and call home so we can't wait for recreational marijuana to finally be legal. 

Our passion and pursuit of premium cannabis has driven us to visit different legal friendly states and it has provided us with a ton of unique experiences. We've met great new people and discovered many interesting things on our journey. It also got our creative juices flowing...

So, we decided to build a WEED FACTORY.

The New Jersey Weed Factory currently produces 2 things:

  1. INFORMATION to help spread the word about what's going on with New Jersey recreational marijuana legalization and NJ medical cannabis.
  2. FUN STUFF for purchase to help spread the word about the NJ Weed Factory so that we can provide you with the latest and greatest information  and maybe buy an ounce or two.  

If you want to join our crusade to help spread the word about New Jersey Marijuana, then help support the cause and BUY something and follow us on the Instagram.

  One Passion....One Focus....One Mission....